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Look out! Here comes the Spider-Teq! #NYCC2019

Spider-Teq, Spider-Teq, does whatever a Mega-Teq does! Swinging his web on over to NYCC 2019 for the QUICCS X MARTIAN TOYS custom MEGATEQ show is our fine friend In Prime We Trust.
(Who gave us EXCLUSIVE first rights to see this beauty!!!)

With a year full of Quiccs and Spider-verse love, In Prime We Trust picked the perfect time to show his love to Stan Lee’s legacy.

“I have always had love for Spider-Man as a kid. I had a not so ideal living situation and pretending to be Spider-Man and zipping away to safety was a fantasy I always had.”

As we know, the TEQ platform has been taken on by many customizers, with many of these talented artists doing it with such ease – so I took a moment to ask In Prime We Trust his thoughts!

TTC: “What is the hardest part about customizing this platform versus others? And reverse question, what is your favorite part to work on with a Teq?”

In Prime We Trust: “The hardest part of customizing this platform was putting all of the pieces back together after painting everything separately. My favorite part, is the platform itself! I am a big fan of anything robot related. Adapting the paint job to the platform was definitely fun as well.”

Now, with so many Spidey’s in this multiverse of Spider-Man, why was Miles Morales the choice for In Prime We Trust? Well, that answer is very simple:

“Once the Mile Morales character was introduced in 2011, I fell in love, because it was a character I could relate to finally because of his ethnicity.”

If you are a New Yorker, this MEGA-TEQ is for you. In Prime We Trust has hit the nail on the city kid head. Swinging his way to our hearts with his Juicy Gents creations all over his Instagram, bringing classic characters to life, Prime has certainly hit a heart string with his style.

What’s up next for In Prime We Trust? Well…that’s under lock and key for now! But, TOP SECRET word is…2020 is the year of the PRIME-ate.
But for now, check him out on Instagram and Facebook to see what he’s brewing!!

In Prime We Trust:

(Thanks to In Prime We Trust for kicking off my NYCC interviews!)

Where can you BUY Spider-Teq you ask? MEGA-TEQ CUSTOM SHOW @ NYCC!

When: NYCC October 3-6, 2019

Where: Martian Toys booth (Mega Teq custom show)

Stayed tuned for my LIVE NYCC interviews this year on our Instagram, and followup posts!

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