Custom Kidrobot ‘Caldera’ Dunny by Kyle Kirwan

It never ceases to amaze me the level of awesomeness coming from Kyle Kirwan and his RV of Love (check out his travel blog HERE). Whilst travelling the length & breadth of the United States with his fiance, Kyle is still able to create beautiful pieces of art. None more so than the custom Kidrobot 8inch Dunny – Caldera. This volcano-lava inspired custom Dunny is the bomb! Such a cool technique going on.

Now, unsurprisingly, the Caldera custom Dunny by Mr. Kirwan sold out. Three were available for $200 (£156) each. If you’re in love with this lava-style custom pieces by Kyle, fear not as you’ve not completely missed out. Kirwan is dropping a whole bunch of awesome later this week when he drops his Burning Bloom’s on August 25th. You can read more about these HERE.

Burning Blooms By Kyle Kirwan release resin

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