Björnik’s Mystical & Magical.

Amazing painter and sculptor Björnik never stops showing off his amazing talent by constantly releasing photos of his masses of WIPs. I have always taken a liking to this artist as the way he uses the paintbrush is just something I can never grasp. Its like he has a magic finger and touches a lump of clay or a pot of paint and streams of beauty pour out. He has been teasing pictures of his latest pieces which are based on the characters from the insanely popular and awesome Hobbit film which is due to release a second part soon.

From his photos I can see that he has made Balin, Thorin, Gandalf, Galadriel and Gollum which he has absolutely blown out of the water.

lotrlotrlotrlotr gollum, LOTR


Aside from outstanding customs of well known characters Björnik also has his own designs and sculpts that are beautifully painted and masterfully crafted. He is known across the toy scene for his realistic and stunningly detailed eyes which is his customising trademark.  bjornik chess Björnik head sculpt


Björnik’s work can be found on his website HERE or his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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