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Joe Dungbugs by Fufufanny

Finders Keepers! No pranks, no scams here! Find Joe Dungbug and adopt him~ Taiwan based artist Fanny Kao aka Fufufanny is all set to add some fun and love into the world with her “Joe Dungbugs”. Are you excited about a treasure hunt? Fufufanny will be launching the “Joe Dungbug Tracking Project“ very soon and already to win hearts around the world. Something we all need right now and hopefully the project can be shared around the world. Fufufanny’s Joe Dungbugs the cutest dung beetle ever? We think they are! We love the meaning behind them too…

An “ Average Joe ” refers to an ordinary person. That’s why I named this character “ Joe Dungbug “, just like a person with a full name. In many ways, we share the same “ Dung Pushing Life “ as dung beetles. A bug’s life, I love observing these tiny creatures at work and play. I’m especially drawn to the dung beetle. They’re constantly busy, pushing their dung balls around. They remind me of humans and their constant struggle with the “ rat race ”. How we are in a never-ending cycle of busting ass to earn a living, to be successful, to be approved by society and hopefully emerge a winner. The male dung beetle sets out to make a big and round dung ball so that they can convince the female of the species that it can provide food and safety when the female needs to reproduce. And if the female accepts to mate, the two of them will dig a hole, bury the dung ball and the female will lay a single egg into the centre of the dung ball. When the egg hatches, the baby will literally be surrounded by food ( the dung ball itself ). So you can imagine, the bigger the dung ball, the better the chances of breeding a stronger baby dung bug. And that’s how some of these tiny bugs are born, into privilege and power. ( Sound familiar to you? )To be continued…

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Joe這個名字有人的意思,英文有個詞Average Joe是指典型的普通人,所以我把這個角色取名為 “ Joe Dungbug / 喬糞蟲 ” 像是一個人的全名,連名帶姓那樣,就是想讓大家感受到,我們和推糞蟲一樣都過著” 推·糞·人·生 “你會不會覺得觀察昆蟲生態的時候,看著看著忽然覺得跟自己的人生好像…推糞蟲手腳併用賣力滾動糞球的姿態,是不是像極了我們每天早出晚歸努力工作,想要賺大錢出人頭地的樣子?你知道嗎?糞蟲一心一意把糞球滾的又大又圓,目的是向心儀的對象求愛,證明自己有能力可以照顧對方和未來的孩子。如果得到認同順利求愛,他們就會挖一個洞把糞球推進去,在糞球的中心產卵,等孩子一孵化,嘴邊就有東西吃,又大又營養的糞球當然更容易培育出頭好壯壯的下一代,形成先天的優勢,確保自己的基因延續強盛…( 是不是有點熟悉呢)待續~

Each Joe Dungbug that is going to be set free will have a numbered ring tag attached to his antenna. This is a random number between 001~050. ( Guilty~Fufufanny just wanted the ring tags to match with the colours of each Joe Dungbug, they’re still only an edition of 25 pieces!) If you are one of the lucky finders, don’t forget to take a selfie with your Joe Dungbug and announce with pride: “ Object No. XXX has been found and adopted!” 每隻野放喬糞蟲都佩戴了一只號碼環,觀察對象編號:001~050 隨機不連號 ( 嗯對~我們搞藝術的只在乎配色 )如果你是幸運的拾獲者,到時候不要忘記和喬糞蟲自拍~驕傲地宣告“觀察對象編號XXX” 已拾獲認養喔!

Scan the QR Code in the back to check out the mission for the lucky finders! 撿到歸你!如果你在路邊發現喬糞蟲~不要怕~拿去就對了~保證不是冥婚( 越描越黑拾獲者別忘了掃QR Code讀取任務內容唷

Starting from the middle of May, Fufufanny will set free 25 pcs of Joe Dungbug, each of them a unique of the kind piece, in various countries around the world. Stay tuned for photo hints of the spots where they’ll be set free, FINDERS KEEPERS!
The finders will become the lucky feeders of the tracking project, and there will also be special missions for the feeders to take part in.

P.S. 25pcs Joe Dungbug will go to 10 chosen Feeders + 15 random Feeders.

 [ 活動預告 ]

好久沒有跟大家互動互動了,給大家準備了一個好玩的尋寶遊戲 ” 喬糞蟲野放追蹤計劃 ”


從五月中開始,我會在世界各地陸續野放25隻不一樣的喬糞蟲,野放地點會有照片提示線索,撿到就是你的囉!拾獲者就能成為喬糞蟲飼養員,追蹤任務就等你來執行啦  敬請密切注意活動展開唷!!!

註:25位喬糞蟲飼養員 = 10位特選飼養員 +15位隨機飼養員

Keep a look out via the tags #joedungbug!

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