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    wesley jones

    I was wondering is Touma, still going I can not see much on ebay etc and everything I do see is for 2005, was just wounding if there was still a market for their stuff,

    I have a 16″ flocked knuckle bear, not that i am looking to sell, but was more wondering if he had held his value after all this time, i gen only buy to add to my collection, but been adding a lot lately so just got me thinking is there a longevity in the market, or is it all just in a few hyped peace’s, and once people stop pumping stuff out, does their work hold the value after they stop and hype goes away…



    I’ve seen a couple of Touma pieces recently, surprisingly a few licensed products.
    Regarding older pieces I think it all depends who’s looking and how much they want the piece. There’s always going to be a market for classic figures and the Knuckle Bear is a recognisable platform so I think it’ll hold it’s value, but again I think it’s right place right time if you ever decided to sell.



    Micah young

    I seen people waffle them, never had a chance to own one but I hope someday I can.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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