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    Hi everyone in TCC welcomes to “Tips time by FMC EP.2”

    today we gonna share some of our technique about how to smooth your model or designer toys surface  😀

    First of all, SMOOTH is kind of a grail everyone knows about this but some of them can’t reach there yet today I’m gonna share some tips for you guys to reach there easier.

    In this case, we gonna look at the head of our designer toys “Gramps” let’s see how we smooth it  😀

    1.Type of wax we use
    In this day we have a lot of option to use what we gonna use in our piece right all the different type have it’s own pros and cons but let’s look at what we use this time

    We use a castilene wax but why?
    Because it’s HARD, castilene wax has an especially hard component when compared to other types of wax and it’s really good when you want to sculpt something that like that have symmetry and want it to smooth. But for the cons, it’s not suited for some work that you want to create some particular surface such as a cloth simulate or a jean’s texture on it’s because it’s too hard. As you can see in the picture below it’s quite alright but not really what we call smooth.

    2.Mould to smooth detailing
    We do a Silicone Moulding with our TV head prototype first just a little bit of layers is fine because what we wanting is Resin Moulding and this is the tips here

    For the smooth purpose, we don’t use a regular resin to do this process we use a “POLY PUTTY”a traditional car use for this process because it’s easy for do detailing and smoothing with these but when we gonna use this, we have to make its fluid and attenuate it a bit with Styrene Monomer but it really works great for a prototype creating not an actual piece though.

    3. Make it’s smooth
    And finally, you just have to make it’s smooth. we use dry and wet scrub together with a lot of levels of sandpaper and another tool is sanding sponge for smoothing a curve surface

    4. Check the result and do it again and again
    When we have done the sanding process we always check how smooth it is with a primer. Just paint your piece with a grey primer and it’s going to let you see if your piece is really smooth all right if it’s doesn’t then you gonna sanding it again until it’s smooth  😀

    Lastly Sanding is really a lot of work and pain in the ass but it’s really can tell the different about the piece. This is one of the most crucial factors that we consider

    You can follow us with these media platform
    FB : watchara boonpokkrong
    IG : fmc.funnymodelclub

    see you again next time


    Theresa Hawkins

    more great tips! keep em coming!

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