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    TTC Beard

    Thankfully when we say “The end of Bots” we don’t refer to our favourites The Bots. They’re still going strong, and we hope for a long time to come. What we are referencing is the image that KAWS dropped earlier on his IG (pic below) where KAWS was disappointed in the number of bots being used to purchase the Gone release this week.


    Now bots are nothing new, they’ve been round since the dawn of the hype beast era and probably a long time before that too. These automated programmes used by punters to quickly purchase limited edition releases be that toys, sneakers, tickets etc with speed far quicker than the average human giving them a MUCH higher percentage to purchase said limited edition releases.

    With KAWS saying that they will be reviewing orders and cancelling any that are found to have used a bot to purchase and not only cancelling their order BUT BLACKLISTING THEM TOO. This feels like a huge step in the right direction.

    More & more Designer Toy companies such as Martian Toys, Tenacious Toys etc are reviewing orders in the hope to cancel out any bot purchases, and as this becomes more prevalent and with KAWS taking notice, perhaps this is a new dawn where those using bots don’t get their hands

    What do you think? Are bots a good thing or are they the scourge of the online shopping world?



    Here’s my two cents (pardon the deluge of French but), FUCK THE BOTS! It’s one thing that they already invade concert ticket sales to every show in existence, but when they also jump onto the toy/sneakerhead/whatever scene, it’s just absolutely deplorable. Kaws is a prolific and talented artist, and for him to call out the bots is fucking awesome! I’ve also noticed Martian and Tenacious calling out these flippers and I applaud every effort they make to mitigate and catch these sneaky fuckers for gaming the system. This is an incredibly niche community already, and to “make it” as a designer toy artist is incredibly rare. Their art sells for a high price already (deservedly so), but for these bottom-feeder flippers to take advantage of the people who really love and admire the art is just criminal! I’m really glad that they are on our side in this fight and trying to catch these parasites.



    I feel so naive. I had no idea this was a thing haha. But really great if sellers are trying their best to weed out any bots! It’s hard enough waking up at 3AM for a limited toy and try to purchase it with God knows how many other collectors, let alone compete with an army of bots too :’).


    VinylCreep Cat

    People that use bots will always try and find ways around every new thing we do, I think the only way is the hard graft of a human sifting through orders to find the ones that look suspicious and dodgy. If high value artists like Kaws can do this, then we’re on the right track.

    The internet is great, and also garbage, at the same time.


    The Toy Galleria

    They could do like J-Ldn where he incorporated a pac man game where you would have to hit a certain amount of points before you have access to purchase .



    Ya, the incorporated Pac-Man was wonderful! Took time to do it too. Bots suck but only sellers who care will add the existing features to their sales. Basically anyone selling on Etsy doesn’t care too much as long as the sales happen. Bots can only really be eliminated if the sellers care to do so.


    Lottery systems are still the way to go


    The Toy Galleria

    Yea, think many won’t really be bothered. Would really like to see what Kaws will be doing about it . Doesn’t seem anything was done during the 2nd launch of the Gone figures on kawsone though.


    Micah young

    I think bots are ruining it, I mean you got companies that want you to rat out people who use them but it’s so easy to bypass being banned. I tried to get some items and the bots just scoop them all away. and with some release it’s obvious with who’s botting lol

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