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    TTC Beard

    Is there ever too much of a good thing? Perhaps that will depend on which side of the fence you sit when it comes to the TEQ63. It is definitely dividing opinion from what we are seeing throughout the social media channels within the Designer Toy community.

    Now this may not include all, but we think it includes most, we have pulled together a list of TEQ63 releases over the past 2.5 years. Thanks to our pals at for helping with collecting this information.

    April 2017 – Woodland Camo TEQ63
    April 2017 – OG Black TEQ63
    April 2017 – Red TEQ63
    Dec 2017 – Kidrobot TEQ63
    Feb 2018 – Urban Camo TEQ63 (3D Retro)
    Feb 2018 – White Blank DIY TEQ63
    June 2018 – 43 Fortress Black TEQ63
    Oct 2018 – 43 Fortress White TEQ63
    Nov 2018 – [UNIT01] TEQ63
    Dec 2018 – BOBA TEQ63 (StrangeCat Toys)
    Dec 2018 – Super Retro TEQ63 (IamRetro)
    Jan 2019 – HX-TEQ63 (HX Studio)
    Jan 2019 – Black DIY TEQ63
    Jan 2019 – GID DIY TEQ63
    Feb 2019 – Rising Sun TEQ63 (IamRetro)
    March 2019 – Agent Orange DIY TEQ63
    March 2019 – Graffiti Kings TEQ63
    May 2019 – BobaTEQ63 Wave 2 (StrangeCat Toys)
    June 2019 – Brightstar TEQ63 (Tenacious Toys/3D Hero)
    June 2019 – Ion Chrome TEQ63
    June 2019 – Afterburn TEQ63
    June 2019 – OG Black v2 TEQ63
    June 2019 – Ghost Mode TEQ63
    July 2019 – Phantom Blue GID TEQ63
    July 2019 – Tron TEQ63
    July 2019 – Double Ghost TEQ63 (Complex)
    July 2019 – OG Black Ghost TEQ63 (Complex)
    Aug 2019 – Vintage TEQ63
    Aug 2019 – Air63 TEQ63
    Aug 2019 – Deadbots TEQ63 (Kidrobot)
    Aug 2019 – Titan TEQ63 (Kidrobot)
    Aug 2019 – Pirateq-47 GG TEQ63 (Rotofugi/Serg&Destroy)
    Aug 2019 – Pirateq-47 Neo-Tokyo Pink TEQ63 (Mindzai/Serg&Destroy)
    Sept 2019 – Brightstar OG TEQ63 (myplasticheart/3D Hero)

    Over the past 2.5 years, 34 releases of the 6inch production TEQ63 platform. On average 1.17 per month for 29 months.

    Is that over saturated? You tell us? We want to hear your thoughts. Sign in to the TTC Forum and let us know what you think!



    Yes……but they are constantly selling out so what do I know? lol


    TTC Beard

    As part of this discussion, we caught up with Quiccs & Carlo of the Bulletpunk Network to chat TEQ63. Here is what they had to say…

    Fans have really taken to the TEQ63 platform, through their love for Quiccs. What are your thoughts on the success of TEQ63? At what stage did you guys feel you were on to a winner with this platform?

    We stoked that there is a lot of love for the TEQ63, both as a designer toy and as a customizing platform. The TEQ itself went thru a lot of over the years before becoming what it is today. Those familiar with my earlier work knows that I am constantly trying to evolve/improve my art style and I’m really happy that people have responded very well to this.

    We knew we had a winner from when we first had the initial 6in Resin protos for the TEQ in hand. I believe that was for ToyCon UK 2016 ( I remember thinking to myself “Wow! People are gonna love this!”

    TEQ63 Resin

    Since April 2017, there has been a steady increase in the number of TEQ63 releases to the point of there being a release every week in recent times. Was this always the plan?

    Yes and no.

    Yes, because we plan our color ways way in advance and there’s a certain progression in terms of the style and complexity of our releases. Also, it was a conscious effort to come out with more stuff, not just the 6in TEQ63s.

    No we did not plan on releasing all of them so close together – initially, we had little or no control for when certain items would drop, thus causing some months to have more releases that we would have wanted. This was mainly due to exclusives being sold to too many merchants and all of them wanting their investments back as soon as possible. Mix this with together with our regular scheduled releases,. Res assured that we’re working on this thru better scheduled pacing and being more selective with exclusive editions.

    What are your thoughts on the potential over-saturation of the TEQ63? Do you fear that fans will start turning their back on the platform if the influx of releases continues?

    Nowadays, there’s not one thing that we can do to make everyone happy. There’s an outcry for new collectors for us to release more stuff, while older collectors are saying we’re releasing too much.

    Bigger edition runs aren’t the immediate answer too, since it will affect the collectiblilty of each of our creations as well. At the end of the day, our goal is to broaden our audience and to help the market to have new collectors be able to catch up and encourage selling and trading in the community.

    Some have compared the TEQ63 to the [email protected] – do you think we will see a 1000% TEQ63 in the future? A Mega Mega TEQ if you will.

    I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of plans for such things. You are welcome to come to our Manila Office if you want to see what we’re working on 🙂

    What is the end game for TEQ63?

    As you may know, TEQ stands for The Endgame Quest. My “Endgame Quest” has always been to leave a mark on art and culture that will survive even long after I am gone. In a way, I want a piece of me to live-on in every TEQ63 toy, print or merch out there.

    What is next for Quiccs?

    Thing will only get better! We have NYCC coming up which is going to be filled with releases that you will love. And also that huge Mega Custom show that we are really excited about. I’m happy that so many talented artists invested time into making that possible.

    In terms of after NYCC drops: Expect exciting new designs, not just for the TEQ63 but also for our other platforms AND new character releases very soon!

    Thanks guys for your time to answer our questions!


    TTC Beard

    Since we posted our discussion on the TEQ63, Martian Toys (the producer of TEQ63) has announced a new program to reward those that have been collecting the TEQ63 platform. Via their Instagram Stories, they released the following information, check it out below…

    TEQ63 Club 1

    TEQ63 Club 2

    TEQ63 Club 3

    TEQ63 Club 4

    A great incentive for all those that put their time, effort & hard-earned cash into TEQ63, right? We would love to hear your thoughts. Join the discussion below!



    That is a very cool incentive for those diehard collectors, I have one…..maybe I’ll be considered, LOL…..jk 😉



    Can’t please everybody ! I know the feeling as a collector~ It does give more chances for ppl who haven’t got a chance to get one but trying to complete is just getting tougher …and we don’t expect it to slow down as there’s still hype! so I would just try to get what I really like and if I get it, I get it. If not, just be satisfied and feel “complete” with what I have.

    PS. I love Quiccs lol



    So, I’ve known about Quiccs for some time, along with many who’ve blogged in the heyday. For the TEQ, if you remove the first few spaced out releases, the avg per month jumps from 1.17 to 1.5 or so, and removing the first 6 releases, you get 1.75 pieces released a month. Purely TEQ63 releases. Not too mention super overpriced second/third market Nanos and micros. It’s great, but the fact the blank white was released early and subsequently released sporadically over the months should tell you a lot. I’ve collected and passed along, many upon many pieces from Quiccs dating back several years. I’m glad he and his team are able to go further. Many people don’t realize that being an artist from the Philippines is hard … for a variety of reasons. Quiccs has managed to be one of the few who have stayed above water, which is great.

    I could go on and on but whatever the case may be or argument there is out there, IMO: the artist series should grow and expand, DIY pieces should be pushed out more often to allow for customizers to use the base and benefit from the hype. Price point should have been going down, not up.

    As a community, we used to begrudge the consistent release of new color-ways to keep the fuel going for any singular form factor. It now seems that the current community is on the hype train, hoping to jump off before it reaches the end of the line. It definitely doesn’t hurt that a country of collectors is proud of their fellow countryman and helping the cause.
    For colorways reference, check out the Goin Bad Apple release schedule and see where it stopped.



    As a non-collector of TEQ63, I am still overwhelmed by the number of releases and the rate in which I see people trying to sell theirs in toy groups. By seeing a lot for sale and no bites, it gives the perception that the TEQ63 is no longer popular, relevant, desired – choose your word.


    TTC Beard

    Some great points being raised here and on Instagram. Good to see a healthy debate.


    Theresa Hawkins

    To me? Yes. There is always going to be colorway fatigue and it feels like “too much” at this point. My feeds and grps are overwhelmed by quiccs. But I’m also not a quiccs collector. So while I might be “over it”, there could be plenty of ppl who are loving every minute of it. Some might say Chris Ryniak has done way too many colorways of his resin minis, but as a hardcore Ryniak fan, I say GIVE ME ALL THE MINIS! @dmarquee would probably say the same when it comes to Dolly Oblong 🙂 We all have our things. I’m happy for quiccs and his success. TEQ63 has done well for him. I hope he continues to expand his universe and delve into some fresh designs.


    Geoff Maxfeild

    I have noticed thousands of variations of this toy have been showing up more and more on my social media feeds. I don’t mean to be negative, but I just wish once there would be a toy that would saturate the market I could be more interested in. It’s a gundam with a hoodie, I get it, what’s next? Don’t get me wrong, the look is cool, but the whole hands in the pocket thing is a bit boring.


    TTC Beard

    I think it all depends on perception, @tmhawk24. Ryniak and Oblong only really release at conventions, there are rarely online releases so it is confined to a weekend and it doesn’t feel like a bombardment as such.

    I love TEQ63 & Quiccs, absolutely, but when you have a ton of weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) in a short span of time (added to those that are selling on the different FB groups) it doesn’t feel special no more, you know?


    Theresa Hawkins

    @gary true. I guess I’m just curious how the hardcore quiccs collectors feel. It doesn’t feel special to me anymore. How does it feel to them?



    @Theresa: I feel the same when it comes to Ryniak minis O:).

    I think it’s only too much when people stop buying. That’s the clearest sign people have had enough. I’ve never been a fan of these pieces, but did notice all the different variants. With toys I do collect that have a lot of variants I usually stick to the colours I like. I used to be a completionist, but I’ve stopped with that because it’s just not possible to collect every single piece (plus I don’t want 15 colourways of the same toy).


    Rachel Pingel

    I would say yes, too common… but then, I have no interest in them, so I’m mostly just sick of seeing them all the time 😛

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