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    What other hobbies do you all have outside of collecting toys? pet rocks maybe? or in Gary’s case… loads of beer… lets see what else people are into… keep it SFW people


    Ben Dufton

    I’m just starting out with toys, but got into them through graffiti and street art designs.
    I draw and design graff inspired stuff and stickers.
    And I read comics, love Lego and have an 18 month old son! (Yep, I class him as a hobby because he is awesome fun to play with!)



    Usual suspects here – sneakers, stickers and books, also strangely obsessed with the weather.


    Micah young

    Damn I play a lot of video games lol and I also like to do puzzles. Trying to teach my daughter how to do harder puzzles ATM lol



    I have a lot of hobbies I rotate in and out. I love cycling in the summer months. Board games and reading pretty much all the time. I enjoy creating wedding invitations and other wedding stuff as well but I do that more in the winter.



    I love cybersport. That is one of my main hobbies



    I really like driving. I often go to the countryside where I can do crazy stuff like drifting without disturbing people. You know, I even search for amazon delivery jobs London because the best job is a paid hobby, am I right? Besides driving, I play the guitar and spend much time with my PlayStation 4. I didn’t manage to buy PS5 on its release but hopefully, I’ll get hold of it soon.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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