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    TTC Beard

    Following a week’s break, the Marsham Toy Hour gang are back and they are UNCUT this week. No edits allowed. Theresa dropping F bombs, butt naked from a shower that was golden apparently. You gotta listen to believe it. The gang have great chats on Halloween releases, ComplexCon, Happy Meal Toys, Zard Apuya and also discuss our Toy Den idea – a mix of Dragon’s Den & Shark Tank! Give it a listen




    I really enjoyed this episode! Toy talk episodes are always great and it was nice to see that the recording still holds up with little to no editing done.

    I think for the longevity of the podcast and for Gary’s overall sanity, editing should be kept to a minimum, I for one, don’t mind the longer run time.

    I also really enjoyed chop bustin Theresa, great episode this week!


    Theresa Hawkins

    lighten up on editing. bust more chops. done and done 😛


    Stephanie Jones

    just now getting around to listening to this ep, and i enjoyed it unedited. gary does do a great job on the editing, but i think the conversation and toy news is just as good in unedited form! just my 2 cents. 🙂



    Anyone else having withdrawals? I need more Marsham!


    Micah young

    Lol golden showers??

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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