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    TTC Beard

    What is everyones thought on the newly announced Freddy Funko Grin by Ron English x Toy Tokyo x Funko for NYCC 2019?

    We would love to hear what the TTC Universe thinks of this release and the impact it could have on the Designer Toy scene!


    Trevor Krainik

    It is obvious that Funko is after the DT money that they are missing. With the announcement of the Paka-Paka Soda Cats blind boxes at GameStop and now this new Funko X Ron English, I would expect to see several more announcements like this through the end of the year. I think Funko is probably a little frustrated because they were a little ahead of their time with Hikari. If they released them for the first time now, Hikari might have done better. But now there is a stigma attached to that name.
    I feel like this is an attempt at making Funko more legitimate in the DT world .. but it almost brings the other companies like Superplastic and Kidrobot to their level. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just seems like these larger companies are not only embracing but pursuing the mainstream. They are not just trying to get licenses to put on their platforms, they are trying to brand those platforms as characters. Virtual influencers, gaming apps, short films … they are following the Lego model. Again, not knocking success and expansion. I am just not sure it fits into my idea of what designer toys are.



    Very good points there sir!



    I’m down with it, I collect both, much more into designer toys now but am a long time Funatic. I think most Funko collectors who have been around for a while get a little stagnant with Funko from time to time and I’m seeing more and more come over to designer toys. If you can expedite the process and merge the two worlds, it’s only a plus for the designer toy community, imo.

    I think the Grin on The Retro Freddy looks a million times better than any of the recent Grin stuff like Street Fighter and whatnot

    Just my 2 cents


    TTC Beard

    I don’t think you’re wrong, Nick! I think I am liking the Freddy Grin. Smashing two worlds together can sometimes create something extraordinary!



    It’s actually pretty cool! Maybe it’s a start where Funko pop collectors can appreciate more designer toys rather than just all the characters they know.



    I have more of a problem with Ron English slapping a grin on every single license he can find than I do with Funko in general. I think this seems to be a step in the direction both companies want to go. More designer for Funko, more commercial For popaganda.


    It’s not a figure that I would by for my collection, but I think people will dig it and buy it. It’s cool of Funko to expand beyond the usual movies and tv figures


    Micah young

    Damn I wish I wasnt late to this. Lol I would’ve loved to own one.

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