Other Things – A Collaborative Exhibition by Ooberla & Stu Linfield

Stu and Angie ‘Ooberla’ are Southsea based artists with a mutual appreciation for weird monsters and teethy grins. Whilst Stu has a background in illustration and Ooberla more into using fimo, over the past year both have taken a keen interest in learning how to design, mold and cast their ideas.

I met these 2 last year and we shared ideas and bounced processes off of each other than spent a messy upfest together last summer lol

The show kicks off at 7pm 18th feb and will run for a few weeks in southsea at Play dead studio a lovely art gallery/tattoo studio that is now running shows from some of the best artists from around the world

get there early and u could be in with a chance of grabbing 1 of 8 free lucky bags containing artwork and cool stuff

TTC will be there streaming live for the launch event and really cant wait to see what is in store so stay tuned Saturday night for some toothy sculpts !

more of ooberlas work can be found here

also more of stus work can be found here

event details and gallery info below

see u all Saturday bless ups czee

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