(In)Action Figures #5 Show at Clutter Gallery!

Tonight if you’re in the Beacon area of New York you should head on over to the Clutter Gallery to check out the (In)Action Figures show! (In)Action Figures 5 is a group art toy show focused on elevating the traditional action figure form. The show opens on tonight (Saturday, February 11th) with a reception from 6-9pm ET, and the contributions will remain on display until March 3rd, 2017.  Honestly, we’re too drukn right now to write an honest post. We’ll have a LIVE stream direct from our Facebook Page HERE if you’re not in the area. Our favourite Rob of For the Masses Podcast will help us out.

If you’re wanting to pick up any of the pieces from the (In)Action Figures #5 show, you can go directly to the Clutter Gallery store: 


Thanks Lumino, we love you x


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