What ‘The Heck?!?’ by We Become Monsters!

You got your goats all tied up, yeah?! We Become Monsters have just recently released information on their new The Heck figure. Available in three colourways, Orangejerk (presidential diarrhea color), Bloat (rotten purple) or DewtheDoo (Green)! Available right now from the WBM store HERE.


The Heck is a smaller version (4inch) of We Become Monsters 7inch The Hell figure. We Become Monsters have been working hard in their labs to reduce The Hell to a more pocketable size! This was done mostly to save on feeding costs – goats are expensive! So now a mere half dozen pygmy goats per day will suffice – a huge saving in goat purchasing fees!


Every The Heck figure also includes an additional head – The Cypher – These have fewer eyes, but can detect wavelengths of goat screams the standard Heck cannot see. If you’re interested in adding The Heck to your collection, you can nab one over on the We Become Monsters store HERE for $50/£39.bloat-the-heck-we-become-monsters

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PRICE: $50/£39

LIMITED: 2 of each colourway.


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