TIGER KONG by Super7

There’s a new kaiju in town! Forget all about King Kong or other giant badass monsters. Super7 just announced that the ‘rarest and fiercest example of the species has emerged from the jungles of eternity: TIGER KONG!’ Yes, you read it right. The classic giant winged ape kaiju ‘Wing Kong‘ gets a special feline treatment in a brand new ‘Tiger Kong’ version;

The 9″ tall Tiger Kong is handcrafted, painted, and imported from Japan. Featuring a deluxe custom designed window box, the word on the street is that this will be a very limited edition;

Announced to drop sometime next week. Looks good right? Don’t worry we’ll keep you posted!

Also, all Super7’s exclusives and debuts from WonderCon 2018 (read HERE) are already available at https://super7.com/. That Skulletor Bat Boy…


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