Super7 upcoming 2019 releases

This weekend at New York Toy Fair the mighty Super7 unveiled lots of new releases to get us excited for 2019. As always they brought the toys that matter and debuted new franchises such as the long awaited (at least for us) Toxic Crusaders , Conan the Barbarian and teased the TMNT X SUPER7 collaboration.

But enough talk, let’s see what Super7 is lining up for 2019 shall we?

New Iron Maiden and Masters of the Universe (with new and exclusive versions of ReAction Figures) and the debut of The Worst – Wave 2;

Expected to drop spring 2019, the new 7-inch MOTU Classics Figures with the William Stout Collection. New additions to the 3.75-inch ReAction Figures with the “classic” 80’s movies Breakin’ and Teen Wolf. Super 7’s Heavy Metal assortment continues with Ghost (Papa Emeritus III), Motörhead (War-Pig), Megadeth (Vic Rattlehead), and Ozzy Osbourne (Bark At The Moon).

Also coming this Spring, the brand new 1.75-inch Keshi releses with the Toxic Crusaders Trash Can assortment and a Universal Monsters Keshi blind box assortment. How cool is that?

Coming at you also on the spring, the classic 7-inch Conan figures, the Wave 1 of Pee-wee’s Playhouse ReAction Figues. And get ready for summer with the official Super7 x MLB collaboration.

Also during the summer, the long awaited Robocop and Rocky IV ReAction figures and the teasing of the first Super7 x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles releases. And of crows the new Masters of the Universe (He-Man and Skeletor) and Universal Monsters Superbuckets. Get your halloween game on point!

Now get ready for this. Beavis & Butthead 3.75-inch ReAction Figures and Peanuts 1.75-inch Keshi with more Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the rest of the Peanuts gang soon. Wave 1 of our debut Transformers 3.75-inch ReAction Figure assortment and the long awaited the Toxic Crusader and Voltron 7-inch deluxe figures. And of course the Ren & Stimpy 7-inch deluxe figures.

And closing this post with style with the upcoming Teen Wolf ReAction Figures;

So, looks like Super7 is taking 2019 by storm. We’ll keep you posted on more news and hopefully we’ll get our hands in a few of these to give you the full experience. Meanwhile we have to say, congrats Super7!!!

Also, be advised that some of the figures and items shown here are prototypes with placeholder packaging and don’t represent what the final product will look like. All of the photos and info came from Super7’s Facebook page.



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    • Hello Kevin,

      Thanks so much for you comment. Unfortunately we do not stock Super7. We only keep you posted about the news. Try to contact them directly at [email protected]. Tell them you saw it first at The Toy Chronicle! 🙂

      Thanks and keep on reading!


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