Sofubi Produced in the USA??!

Perhaps it is a myth that producing sofubi in the USA isn’t possible. The amount of US artists etc heading to Japan to get their Designer Toys produced would suggest that the US market for sofubi production is either non-existent or rather poor. However, it looks like Mile High Sofubi are ready to change all that. Do they have the walk to go with the talk?

Mile High Sofubi is a two year project that Toy Maker and Artist Paul Schiola has been putting together. Paul’s idea was to create vinyl toys and other products using the traditional Dow Chemical 1950’s process of slush casting into metal molds.As with most production it was been sent overseas and was no longer done here in the US. This type of toy production flourished in Japan as well as China and other countries. Today Japan and is now known as a “Mecca” for vinyl art toy production.For many years this was a source of inspiration to Paul and he has striven to emulate their process. Paul has forged ahead cobbling equipment and information from many resources and hard work has paid off. Mile High Sofubi is now open for business!

Mile High Sofubi

It’s a bold statement to make, but one that we are sure that US artists (and probably those looking to get sofubi toys produced) interested in what Mile High Sofubi can offer.

Production Capability

Mile Mile Sofubi primarily slush cast vinyl casting. Large or small runs or limited size runs, various colours of vinyl are available. They can have moulds made for you or use their own moulds (as long as they are in good, usable condition.)  Mile High Sofubi also offer minimal painting presently. They are on course to have full painting services along with their slush cast vinyl production production very soon.

In the next few weeks we will be offering their first vinyl release. Frankenstein meets The Space Monster! This amazing duo was sculpted by the immensely talented Jamie D MacFarlane. You can see from the images below the vinyl toy in question. Looks pretty legit. It will be very interesting to see how this progresses in the coming months. We will be keeping tabs, fo sho.

For further information or production questions please contact Mile High Sofubi via email at: [email protected]

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