Skull Head Butt Oozi-X Lottery from KaijuMonsteR

Great news for sofubi lovers!

Martijn at KaijuMonsteR just tipped us about a new special release, Skull Head Butt Oozi-X!

“After selling out both Moon and Ooze-drip heads by Skull Head Butt this is the last and most true to the original vintage Ooze-It release”.


Skull Head Butt Oozi-X 2


All figures are individually numbered by hand and they come in 3 different colorways. There are 7 X Yellow, 5 X Green, 3 X Blue and 1 unpainted figure. These retail for €160 ($173) plus shipping.


Skull Head Butt Oozi-X 1

Skull Head Butt Oozi-X 3


There will be a lottery to choose the buyer as the official press release explains:

Those interested in bagging the figure are going to need to fire over their name, Instagram name (if you have one), country, shipping address, phone number and PayPal address to kaijumon[email protected] before close on Thursday, February 18th… Good luck to all who enter!”

Good look getting your hands on this sofubi goodness!


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*pics via KaijuMonster


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