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Playtoysforever x ChouDo x Playworks2 Presents Achubba Still I Rise Show

Last year, Playworks2 signed another artist to the clan! Right, when you think you’ve seen it all before, incomes Achubba! A fox who went on to become the arm wrestling champion. We dare you to try to wrestle, Achubba! Look how HENCH Achubba is, HA.

In March 2019, Choudo, a full-time graphics designer, created Achubba, the manifest form of the designer into a shy fox that when filled with hope and inner strength becomes as strong physically as he feels, and then goes on to become a champion. Chou’s hopes that Achubba will remind people of the importance of working out, to stay healthy no matter the age, the gender, the species. Achubba, derived phonetically from Taiwanese, means arm wrestling. Fast forward to the present day Playtoysforever and Playworks2 have called upon artists to take on Choudo’s Achubba and use it as a canvas to give them a special look to them in their signature style! But wait, that’s not all! The event will also have limited Achubbas which also come with a replaceable buff chest and muscular arm piece, three colourways to choose from Valentines, Mafia and Sakura. For the customs, artists include

Jessica Emmett Studios, Kori & Ed, Kottonfactory, Litil JIU, Lumino, Mal`kovskaya Kseniya Art toy, Ngaew Ngaew and Shabon Lee 夏波米.

Kori & Ed

Taiwan Toy Designer Ed,  by pouring his emotions into his art, breaths life into creations that resonates strongly among the local toy circle.   Heavily influenced by Taiwanese culture, Ed’s intriqute artistic techniques shaped Kori and Hana to represent his dream.
Through Kori, Ed hopes to present to the rest of the world the beauty of Taiwanese craftsmanship.



Little Jiu’s signature style of mystical doomsday configuration is the building blocks to her world of creations.  Upon this foundation, she cultivates her imaginations to nurture her thoughts and dreams, be it beautiful, silly or even nightmarish.  All of this energy channels into her creativity and allows her dreams to come to life.     


Shabon Lee

Designer Leon studied jewellery design at OCAD University and established Shabon Lee in 2011 to create designer toys using waste materials and refurbished toys to be recast into precious metal and create designer toys or accessories.  
Wanting silver jewellery to not be ordinary but to be something unique, Leon began to experiment using metals on toy and participated in the Taipei Toy Festival for the first time in 2015.  The event saw the possibility of toys and presented Mia the Cat in September 2018. Since then, the media we created has become more diverse and we have made good use of our metal craftsmanship to create more possibilities!
Mia the cat is the perfect combination of our metal craftsmanship and designer toys. 

設計師Leon Lee 從加拿大藝術大學OCAD就讀珠寶設計,2011年投入文創的珠寶設計業,並且創立品牌夏波米銀飾。


Mal`kovskaya Kseniya Art toy


Pang, the creator of NgaewNgaew, loves to draw and make models, especially of animals and monsters.  She finds the various forms unique and interesting.   
“Ngaew” the rabbit was created as an illustration in 2013 while doodling and then Pang also created 2 more main characters, which are dino “Ngeaw” and wolf “Ngui”.  The three characters first appeared as a toy in 2016.  
The characteristics are designed to be lively and playful.  Pang wants to show the inner fierceness of the cute animals and the inner cuteness of fierce animals to remind everyone to not judge a book by its cover.  Thus, In Ngaew’s world, the hunters of our world become the huntees while the huntees become the hunters. 

NgaewNgaew 的創立人 Pang 非常的喜歡繪畫塗鴉和製作模型。尤其是動物和怪物,因為它們的形式獨特而且有趣。某天的2013年Pang在塗鴉插畫時突然兔子“Ngaew”形成了。並接續的創作了另外2個主角恐龍“Ngeaw”和狼“Ngui”。這三個角色於 2016 年首次作為玩具出現。每位角色的外貌特徵被設計為活潑俏皮。但主要Pang想展現出可愛的動物內心中的兇猛和兇猛的動物內心中的可愛,想要提醒大家不要以貌取人。 因此,在Ngaew的世界裏,我們世界中的獵人變成了被獵者,而被獵著則變成了獵人


Kottonfactory is the place where broken toys come alive. They live happily together in Kotton town. One day, Kottonfactory mysteriously stopped to be able to bring toys alive, turning the toys in town inanimate again, all except Robin and her friends who are far away from town.  So they set out on a new adventurous journey to help repair the factory to save all the toys’ life in Kotton town. 


Jessica Emmett Studios

One-Off  open lottery :

Lottery details :

+Price and details are under each picture.

+Duration:2.23.2022 20:00 – 2.27.2022 / 20:00

+Google form link:

*You may choose to enter the lottery on each custom once.  Repeat entrances will be omitted.  

* Emails will be sent out by 2.28.2022(Mon) 22:00 tpe time

* If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours the purchase rights goes to the next person.

*Those not selected will not be notified

*Pricing does not include shipping, and is charged separately.

*Overseas payments will be charged 5% for Paypal service fees.

Price: NT 1,280 / 1pcs

Material: Resin

Size: 11cm (H)

Achubba – 客制展 Still. I Rise. 


Choudo限量公仔 『阿秋霸』發售,此次Choudo與Playworks2攜手,讓喜歡狐狸的喜愛者可以收藏。此作品以可換置手、胸甲可拆卸及尾巴為可動。

 情人 阿秋霸 

 黑手黨 阿秋霸

櫻花 阿秋霸  

價格 : NT 1280 / 1pcs

材質 : 樹酯

尺寸 : 約 11 cm (H)


2/19 15:00 開展後先到先得


*One-off 將於展後方能領取。




Using Achubba the fox as basis to unite artists from different parts of the world to share the personal interpretation of Achubba through art, Playworks2 and PlayToysForever are excited to present 17 original designs at the beginning of 2022. 『Still. I rise. 』 represents the core of perseverance, steadfastness, and infinite possibilities for a better tomorrow.

展覽資訊|Achubba – 客制展 『 Still. I Rise. 』▍ 2022 / 2 / 19 – 2022 / 2 / 27▍台北市大安區泰順街40巷29-1號No. 29-1, Ln. 40, Taishun St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Achubba – 客制展 『 Still. I Rise. 』

 2022 / 2 / 19 – 2022 / 2 / 27


No. 29-1, Ln. 40, Taishun St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

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