Pink to Make the Boys Wink! New Custom Coarse Omen by MaloApril!

We think it is more than fair to say that whenever MaloApril takes on a platform with her custom paint style, it’s going to be top notch work. Yet when the platform is the Coarse Toys Omen, the level seems to increase. It is almost as if the Omen was born for MaloApril to customise!

Whenever MaloApril is commissioned to do one of these awesome custom Omen, she’ll ask the colour base and work from that. Needless to say, April knocks it outta the ball park! Each & every fucking time! This particular time was pink based, as you can see above, but in previous incarnations it was blue/grey plus more in the previous customs. We are highly impressed with the design, the colour choices, the linework!

Whilst these are commissioned pieces by MaloApril (who can be found on Instagram HERE) you can reach out to April and add yourself to the list of Omen commission pieces. You won’t be disappointed!

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