OH MY! YOKAI by Candie Bolton ROSE GOLD edition

The 5 lovely creatures created by Candie Bolton and scultped by the talented @macsorro make a return in a new ROSE GOLD edition. Candie’s Oh My Yokai”: Night Parade Gacha Series got even sweeter;

OH MY! YOKAI by Candie Bolton ROSE GOLD edition

This new edition of 2″ gachas features silver, gold, and black sprays on top of glitter-pink soft vinyl. All hand painted.

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Candie Bolton‘s OH MY! YOKAI: NIGHT PARADE! ROSE GOLD EDITION will be available this Friday 7/15 as a set of five for $75/£56 at shop.toyartgallery.com!


Need a custom from Candie? drop Candie a line via http://www.candiebolton.com/, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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