MISHKA x Lamour Supreme: BLUE KONG with WARHEAD!

I’m feeling a lil blue today, but then I found out that BLUE KONG by MISHKA x Lamour Supreme is making its debut at Wonder Fest in Japan this weekend! Available from the 7-21-04 booth if you’re heading to Wonder Festival. If not, and you live outside of Japan, you can enter the Blackbook Toy lottery (details below) to try and own this beast!

Each KONG comes with its own clear blue Hologram Warhead, which you can use to sit with your KONG, or use it as a butt plug, whichever you prefer. KONG is priced at 17000YEN (£119).

If you would like to enter the KONG Lottery, please send email to: [email protected]
*Email Title: BL KONG Lottery entry
*Address(Don’t forget to include your country and zip code)
*Item name (You can enter only once per item. You can enter all items in a mail)
*Instagram(if you have)

For those paying attention at the back, KONG is a new head on the Beast body (you can see the Beast HERE). Not only are you guys getting a new KONG head, but also KONG and Beast finger puppets too which will release at Wonder Festival! These finger puppets look like you need two good fingers. Standing at 8-9cm tall, they’ll be priced specially for Wonder Fest at 1300YEN (£9).

Blackbook Toy are accepting lottery entries during the period below:

  • Tokyo: Feb 7th midnight – Feb 8th 11:59pm
  • LA: Feb 6th 7am- Feb 8th 7:59am
  • NY: Feb 6th 10am- Feb 8th 10:59am
  • UK: Feb 6th 3pm- Feb 8th 3:59pm
  • Thailand: Feb 6th 10pm- Feb 8th 9:59pm
  • Hong Kong, Taiwan: Feb 6th 11pm- Feb 8th 10:59pm

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