KAWS x Sesame Street ‘Bert & Ernie’ Plush Release Incoming

Right, we’ve seen the KAWS x Sesame Street UNIQLO clothing range hit the streets, but now it looks like we are going to see a Bert & Ernie KAWS plush release! Posted on KAWS Instagram page earlier this afternoon, KAWS showed off the Bert & Ernie plush figures with added X X as eyes!

Yup, these are definitely in the works. When they’ll drop, we don’t know. Yet. But when we do find out, we’ll let you know. What do you think to this latest collaboration between KAWS & Sesame Street? Gonna cop these or just feel they are a cash grab by KAWS? Let us know!




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  1. Apart from the X, is there SOMETHING different on the characters? Is this the laziest collaboration ever? And taking in to account that putting X on the eyes of characters (to show they are dead) is not an original idea… I’m really struggling to find something worthwhile here.

  2. I legit don’t understand this. So let’s take two very well know characters, out an “X” in the eyes and call it art?? I call it a completely retarded cash grab.

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