Kaiju Cult III is here!

Since the first edition back in 2017, the ‘Kaiju Cult’ event is fast and steady becoming one of the main themed events in the west. We’re excited to tell you that the third edition is already confirmed. Happening on April 2019!

Featuring as always amazing artists from all over the world and local Atlanta talents, live bands and movies. And of course the usual surprises and secret stuff!

All the top dogs from the game will be there. Including:

  • @apostoys
  • @american_gross
  • @artetak
  • @blitzkriegtoys
  • @binbizii
  • @blackseedkenneth
  • @blobpus
  • @bogxsquad
  • @bananapoons
  • @candiebolton
  • @chokehazrd
  • @johantattoos
  • @devilboy1973
  • @dirkhays
  • @dogzillalives
  • @draculazer
  • @draculazer
  • @grizlli_atom
  • @grodyshogun
  • @guumon
  • @justinishmael
  • @jgroman60
  • @studiokabuto
  • @akashikrecordstoys
  • @kenthtoyworks
  • @lionchen_miu
  • @magitarius
  • @darkmattertoys
  • @martinheadrocks
  • @marusan_kaminaga
  • @gregmishka
  • @photosalaquang
  • @motleymiscreations
  • @naomiknaff
  • @natethemilkman
  • @paulkaiju
  • @planet3_toys
  • @planetxasia
  • @goldfishunderwater
  • @remjie_malham
  • @science_patrols
  • @profmorte
  • @shirahamatoy
  • @theartofskinner
  • @subcon
  • @shingangu
  • @unboxindustries
  • @wesbenscoter
  • @wondergoblin
  • @co.oc29
  • @thelastzectron

This is going to be great! More news coming up!


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