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K-TOYZ Presents ARTFUL SEOUL Exhibition at BLAXK

A little taste of Soul heads to Singapore under one roof! As the space for pop culture, art and collectibles, BLAXK by ActionCity, in collaboration with Korean art toys collective K-TOYZ, is proud to present the ARTFUL SEOUL exhibition, the first Korean toy artist group show in Singapore at Action City’s BLAXK Gallery!

Hallyu has reached Singapore, and is not limited to just K-pop or K-Drama! The designer art toy scene has been active in Korea, with toys gradually being the key face of high artistic and creative expressions. Through the successful launches of various characters and designer toys from Korean creatives and artists in recent years, some of these key Korean works have also impacted the international art toys scene, gaining a strong global following.

More than 10 representative artists from the Korean art toy scene have come together to showcase their distinctive works in this inaugural exhibition. From veteran artists who have been active in the Korean art toy scene for an extended period to recently acclaimed rookie designers, ARTFUL SEOUL puts together a fascinating collection of collectible art prints, digital assets, large-scale sculptures and exclusive designer toys from a diverse and creative array of Korean artists!

The Next K-Wave – Korean Art Toys

With the mission to present Korean toy designers and artists to the world, K-TOYZ Co.,
Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing, distribution, and licensing of art toys.

Driven by the motivating principle of “Finding Trends while Playing”, K-TOYZ
established the company as the expert agency in the art toy industry managing over
40 Korean art toy IPs, in collaboration with both domestic and international companies.
K-TOYZ is actively involved in diverse operations to bring these creative works to
market – through covering production, distribution, sales and corporate collaboration
with a focus on licensing.

Some of the key names represented by K-TOYZ include the following artists,
of which all of their works are showcased at the ARTFUL SEOUL exhibition!

Featured Korean Artists


2zakka is an art toy artist who, from the moment of encountering art toys,
has been positively influenced and strives to share that inspiration with others.
His works are imbued with positive and benevolent influences and aim to propagate
a butterfly effect of positivity and kindness. 2zakka conveys this message through
his creations, holding the belief that small changes can have a significant impact.

The character Emudy which is currently in production, was born from the combination
of “Emotion” and “cloud.” Through Emudy, 2zakka seeks to express a spectrum of
emotions and, in doing so, share the feelings of those who encounter it. Through his
artwork, 2zakka endeavors to encapsulate diverse emotions and transmit a positive
energy as he continues to evolve his work.


AMAZ is a toy artist who explores the concepts of solitude and loneliness. Through the experience of loneliness, particularly in comparison with social media and the people around, AMAZ cherishes and values moments of solitude.

The artist’s work delves into the process of self-discovery and growth through solitary
moments, amidst the noise of news and the surroundings, conveying a message that
utilizing one’s alone time can lead to finding a better sense of self.

However, while highlighting the significance of being alone, AMAZ also stresses
the value of time spent together. The artist suggests that through solitary moments,
one can appreciate shared moments more profoundly. AMAZ seeks to share personal
experiences of loneliness with others, aiming for growth and understanding through
this sharing process.


AONE is a designer who works in various art fields, including toys and
3D design, creating an original street culture-based character “KOWON” with unique
eyebrows. The “KOWON” series combines the Japanese word “ko” which means
“small” with the artist’s name “Won”

KOWON was conceived to evoke the emotions and memories of the artist’s childhood,
who further shared, “As a child, it was all about doing what I loved or wanted every day.
However, as I slowly grew into adulthood, I began to lose the purity and freedom of my
childhood self and it saddened me to see the person I was becoming, someone different
from my true self. This character was created in the pursuit of rediscovering the confident
and innocent self I was in my youth. I hope that while looking at my work, people will take
the time to look within themselves more than they worry about how others see them”.


ZZOO is an artist who conceived the brand ZZOO to create illustrations, art toys, living and fashion goods based on the things she wanted, dreamed and liked as a child.

ZZOO shared, “Through my work with the motto “Anything can be”, I hope it
will be a time to bring out the small dreams that each of us had in our hearts when
we were young, and the images in our heads that we drew at least once. And I hope
ZZOO becomes a memorable brand and something special for you with a variety of
my heartfelt works”.


CLOCKHOUSE is an animation studio and art toy creator that focuses on character brand development and has been pursuing diverse creations.

From ‘Happy Nun’ to ‘Flying DongDong’ and ‘Kung Fu Corn Heroes,’
Clockhouse presents uniquely designed art toys with its distinctive creative sensibility.


NOYA is the brand of art toys by the artist Kim Noya, with the Western skull character ‘bonkey’ is the main focus.

He began his work to overcome the fear of death and created the character ‘bonkey’ to have the strength to confidently raise the middle finger even in the face of great adversity.

Drawing inspiration from various styles seen in the Western culture, NOYA showcases
works that express a dystopian mood.


The artist RastaMoon was inspired by the messages of reggae musician Bob Marley and the Korean reggae band Windy City’s music and their lives. He deeply sympathized with their music, which encompasses the concept of love, peace, respect and understanding in a cheerful rhythm, beyond reggae hair or colourful fashion.

RastaMoon creates his work with a desire to connect with people through positive messages.

Entering the World of Korean Art Toys
To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, artists AONE, CLOCKHOUSE
and RastaMoon will be launching their new art toys decked in dragon motifs
exclusively at the ARTFUL SEOUL exhibition. Other exhibition-exclusive
releases include works from NOYA.

Beyond the above 7 featured names, K-TOYZ will also be exhibiting works
from other Korean artists including Byoungyong Ko (tobeytoy), Chewyhams
(chewhams_funi), Esther Kim (estherbunny_original) and Kim Jungyoun (vagab).

This exhibition fosters the exchange of art toy culture between Korea and Singapore,
showcasing the diverse and creative array of Korean artists sharing their magical
creations on the sunny island. With this cultural theme spanning from the Korean
identity, the ARTFUL SEOUL exhibition invites you to this upcoming form of
K-Wave through the extraordinary world of Korean designer art toys!

Date: 27 January 2024 (Saturday) – 24 March 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 4pm – 6pm, 7pm – 9pm
Venue: BLAXK by ActionCity, #01-03 Funan, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179097

About BLAXK by ActionCity

BLAXK by ActionCity (BLAXK) is a space for all things pop culture, design and art.
Set up by ActionCity in September 2021, BLAXK marks the 21st anniversary and
growth milestone of the brand as the industry thought-leader spearheading the
convergence of pop culture, art, and collectibles in Singapore.

Beyond curating pop art collections through partnerships with world-class artists
& brands, BLAXK inspires meaningful and deep connections between all who share
a common love for pop art and collectibles through serving as a creative and
interactive hub celebrating the vibrant growth of pop culture and community.

About K-TOYZ

K-TOYZ will lead the global toy culture beyond Korea, introducing
competitive Korean toys and characters to the world, and sharing toy culture
with people worldwide.

K-TOYZ have collaborated with various artists and companies, from emerging talents
to large toy companies. K-TOYZ support everyone in the character industry, including
toy artists, illustrators, game companies, and character studios, making it easier
for them to conduct business. K-TOYZ collaborate with partners to bring ideas to life.

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