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Flying the flag for Finland is Atom Toys Studio! Making a name for themselves is the release of their first art collectible ” JOY BOY – THE OG Edition” from the first EXPLORATION OF VOID series. The series has a deeper meaning to it, [EXPLORATION OF VOID] is an introspective look into the Self and the feelings of Emptiness that we sometimes feel inside. Through this Series, we explore ways that the Self finds Meaning to sustain its Journey through Life. From the photos Joy Boy looks nice and clean for a first release that’s for sure.

From the start, we intended to create a series of Characters
that sought an external ‘Power Source’ – symbolic of how we draw
strength from the objects and people around us as we go about life.

Our first attempt took this quite literally with a character
containing a battery at its core.

However, we realized that it wasn’t immediately obvious that the
battery symbolizes the Character’s energy, and that it was drawing
power from the Sneakers it was wearing – a representation of Material
To show the fatigue of the Character, we decided to give it a more
skull-like appearance by removing its hair and hollowing out its eyes.
We also hollowed out the core of its body and inserted the Sneaker
inside to strengthen its overall silhouette while representing a deep
reliance on the Sneaker at the center of the Character. Though the changes worked, we knew the design needed further tweaks to
be more relatable and fun, while retaining our core intent. Version 3 saw our Character in fresh threads and a cool haircut that’s
more pleasant and fun, but without eyebrows as we wanted to emphasise
his hollowed emotions. We also gave him a slouch and head droop to
increase his fatigue and perseverance to continue despite everything
he was facing. Seated in his hollowed body is a single Sneaker,
signifying his reliance on the ‘Material’ for fuel and motivation to
continue fighting.
To push it further, we opted for a monotonous colour scheme to
represent the dullness of the Character’s life, juxtaposed by a red
sneaker that symbolizes life, fire and passion.

And thus, JOY BOY was born.

JOY BOY signifies our endless pursuit for comfort through the Material, as a means to fill the Emptiness we feel deep within our Hearts. We toil tirelessly to gain the power to purchase the Objects of our Desires, yet it is this very effort that adds a strain to the Self.

The Material acts as our source of Motivation and Fuel. Joy and Warmth radiate from the core and spreads   throughout JOY BOY, giving him the protection needed to fight the Humdrum of Life. 

Yet all too soon, this Energy is depleted. JOY BOY must continue his quest to attain the next Object of Desire to keep the fire burning — or risk falling prey to the growing Emptiness. 

Material: Resin

Toy Dimensions: H 160 x W 105 x D 75mm

Box Dimensions: H 210 x W 150 x D 100mm

Weight: ~1kg


Certificate of Authenticity (Signed and Numbered)
Product Poster



PRICE:215 Euros

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 Release DateBatch #1 (first 20 pcs) – 05 Dec 2023Batch # 2 – 10 Mar 2024Batch #3 – 15 Mar 2024Batch #4 – 15 Jun 2024 

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