Hugger Fuku & Gummu Fuku by Don’t Cry In The Morning

Hong Kong design brand “Don’t Cry In The Morning (DCITM)” strikes again bringing you more weird and wonderful designer toys! this time around hoping to tickle your taste buds as they release Hugger Fuku & Gummu Fuku bears. Coming in various sizes and colours! we would say flavours but sadly we can’t advise you to eat them but if you did we wouldn’t judge you as they do look tasty. Two sizes to choose from, Mini Gummy Fuku BearCome in RANDOM colours ( Clear pink, blue, lime or orange. Hugger Fuku Bear ( Pink / Sky Blue) each one comes with a mini Gummy Fuku Bear.



PRICE: Hugger Fuku Bear HK$380 and Mini Gummy Fuku Bear HK$40.

About Don’t Cry In The Morning

“Don’t Cry In The Morning” was founded by Two Hong Kong local artists since 2013. Mainly doing Resin Toys, Painting and illustration. Works are designed and built upon from their fantasy, dream and life experience. Imagine that turning the characters into a three-dimensional toy, let it entering real life and start a new story with them.

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