First look at KING NAWAB by Planet-X

It’s always amazing to witness the birth of a new creature. The mighty Planet-X just revealed their new creation. By now you already now how much we love Planet-X’s work and this one is no exception, they continue on top of the game with epic soft vinyl Kaiju’s.

Inspired by Dragon Head Caterpillar, the larva of Polyura Schreiber, the blue Nawab butterfly here’s NAWAB! Almost a hybrid King Ghidorah and Mothra. We’re speechless, ‘majestic’ is the only word that comes to mind.

100% Slush-molded in high quality vinyl. The sculpt detail is out of this world, and at first glance the cast looks unique, pushing boundaries like we’ve never seen before.

Standing over 30cm tall, KING NAWAB featuring 11 points of articulation.

We’ll share more details as they appear. In the meantime follow Planet-X via Facebook and Instagram.


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