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Chunky Astromech Droid BY ALEX SOLIS X VTSS

VTSS Toys just announced a new character for The Famous Chunkies series by Alex Solis. Following the tease of the famous golden droid from a familiar movie (see HERE) estimated to drop June 2016, his loyal companion make a debut. We guess R2-D2 had too much fast food on the rebel cantina. Meet the Chunky Astromech Droid.

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Chunky Astromech Droid is the seventh character in this series followed by Dark Lord, Trooper, The Grand Master, The Jedi, Boba Fet and Jango Fet.

It has a real functional LED light and a click button on the back.

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Stands 14cm tall made in poly stone, Every Astromech Droid has a COA card which is signed and numbered by artist. Who would’ve thought the little droid would look so good with a few extra pounds? Well, the force is strong with this one. If you’re not familiar with Alex’s Chunkies concept let us shed you a light;

Famous Chunkies” CONCEPT–BY Alex Solis
“While watching a Ninja Turtles cartoon with my daughter, we kept making fun of them and asking how they are so fast and in shape when their diet consists mainly of pizza. I felt like it was sending the wrong message to kids, and I noticed a lot of others cartoons did the same thing. At first I started the project with the intention of just creating that one illustration, but it was too much fun to stop there!
I realized it was a good way to raise awareness about unhealthy eating, especially with young kids. It catches their attention quickly and it’s easy to make that connection immediately. After creating it, the series has been featured in various prominent articles, newspapers, magazines, blogs etc worldwide, I wanted people to be able to have the whole series in near future.”

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Limited to 120 pcs only. VTSS will start to taking pre-orders on May 12. Shipping starts on the third week of June.

Priced at $140/£97 with FREE worldwide shipping on

Release date & time:
May 12, 2016 8AM Los Angeles Time
11AM New York Time,
11PM Taiwan Time,
4 PM London Time,


Check out Alex Solis work at and also find him on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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