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ABEL x KKAM Presents PLUTO : 134340

It’s official! two worlds come together two South Korean artists/brand wants you to join them on this endless adventure. ABEL x KKAM presents to you “PLUTO : 134340” Team Abel x KKam is a collaborative team made up of two artists, Abel and Kkam.  Abel has been establishing his name by making the Hooded Sufferings series that objectifies death through his Vicious Twin Bros team, whilst Kkam has been creating various characters such as Moo, Mia and Nyong that are inspired by nature and have actively participated in solo exhibitions and other collaboration projects.

The two artists aim to bring forward a new kind of joy to collectors around the world, with ‘Pluto : 134340’, the start of their collaboration work. The PLUTO : 134340 sees both of their trademark styles shine through and complementing each other.

Pluto was declared to be the ninth planet of the Solar System, but reclassified as a dwarf planet with minor-planet designation 134340, by the International Astronomical Union and lost its status as a planet.

Artists Kkam and Abel were inspired by the incident and created a new collaboration toy, ‘Pluto: 134340’. In dedication to the forever banished ninth planet Pluto from our Solar system, the collaboration started off as a comfort project to those who are alienated and have no sense of belonging in this society, precisely the moment of contact-free age.

Kkam incorporated her usual bold and daring hand painting style to warmly reinterpret the surface of Pluto, whereas Abel depicted solitude, with a vision of Pluto in the midnight sky, alluding to a moonlit forest of thin and scrawny trees. 

Changeable masks and a detachable tail with two split ends signify duplicity of inner human duality and faces that must change to fit society. These accessories will allow collectors to enjoy and direct ‘Pluto : 134340 ‘ in various ways. Read the BTS here on ABEL blog HERE.

[ Pluto : 134340 – Abel ver.  ]

[ Pluto : 134340 – KKam ver. ]

[ Pluto : 0 – ZERO ver. ]

Quantity :

Abel ver. – Limited  9 set

KKam ver. – Limited  9 set

Zero ver. – Limited 10 ea

Artist : Abel & KKam

Material : Handmade Resin

Size : 4.3 inch (11 cm)

Set Included :

● Abel / KKam ver.

– 1 Figure

– Magnet Accessories

(3 Masks, 1 Tail with two split ends)

– 2 identical picture cards

(one card has limited numbering)

● ZERO ver.

– 1 Figure

– 2 identical picture cards

(one card has limited numbering)

Price :

● Abel ver.  $ 134 USD

● KKam ver.  $ 134 USD

● ZERO ver.  $ 73 USD

Shipping Fee(overseas) :

determined by distance to the destination country

and weight of the package

+ Optional addition purchase

(ONLY 1 x piece will be available for customers purchasing Pluto Abel / KKam / ZERO ver.)

[ Pluto : ZERO MOO ]

Artist : KKam

Material : Sofbi (Soft vinyl)

Size : 3 inch (7 cm)

Price : $ 34 USD

>> How to order :

DM to @abel_choryeon Instagram message

Processing schedule :

Mid August, 2021

* 5 sets of each version will be available for purchase by pre-order. Order shipping will begin in the middle of August, 2021.

The rest of the quantity sets will be available at Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show 2021(Hong Kong).

If you are attending Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show 2021, you can purchase the figure at this event exclusive early release.

*You can’t choose the number of the figure.


프리오더 오픈 (한글)

[ 플루토 : 134340 – Abel 버전 ]

[ 플루토 : 134340 – KKam 버전 ]

[ 플루토 : 0 – ZERO 버전 ]

수량 :

Abel 버전 9개 세트 한정

KKam 버전  9개 세트 한정

ZERO 버전 10개 한정

아티스트 : Abel & KKam

제질 : 레진

크기 : 11 cm

구성품 :

● Abel / KKam 버전

– 피규어 1개

– 자석 탈부착 악세사리

(가면 3개, 두 갈래 꼬리 1개)

– 동일한 그림 카드 2장

(한 장에만 리미티드 넘버링 표기)

● ZERO 버전

– 피규어 1개

– 동일한 그림 카드 2장

(한 장에만 리미티드 넘버링 표기)

가격 :

● Abel 버전 –  150,000원

● KKam  버전 –  150,000원

● ZERO 버전 –  81,000 원

배송비 : 3,000원 (국내 기본 배송)

+ 추가 구성

(플루토 Abel / KKam / Zero 버전을 구입하는 분에 한해서 한 개 주문 가능.)

[ 플루토 제로 무으 ]

아티스트 : KKam

제질 : 소프비

크기 : 7 cm

가격 : 37,000원

>> 주문방법 :

@abel_choryeon Instagram message

인스타 메세지(DM)로 문의

제작 일정 : 2021년 8월 중순

*각 버전 별 5개는 프리오더를 통해 판매하며, 2021년 8월 중순 배송이 시작됩니다.

나머지 수량은 ‘Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show 2021(홍콩)’ 에서 판매합니다.

Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show 2021 에 방문하시면 당일 구입이 가능하며, 조금 더 빨리 구입하실 수 있습니다.

*피규어의 넘버링을 선택하실 수 없습니다.

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