A “Killer” Custom Dunny

Kendra’s Customs has shown us the beauty and detail of life in her paintings and vinyl/fashion customs as well as the nostalgia of a 90s era in her colorful Frank-esque works. In her latest commision piece, Kendra combines the two aesthetics in a sea-life mural hand painted on a 3″ dunny.

Focusing on a mother and calf orca whale, the dunny displays the warmth and nostalgia of her style through the expressive orca faces and the detail in the whale markings, water reflection, and bubble trails as well as adding the tiny jellyfish, turtles, and fish around the sides and the dolphins on the back of the dunny. This brilliant piece was inspired by her larger 5″ “Sealife” dunny commission!

Commissioned for the wife of a past customer, this new Orca piece isn’t available for retail, but hopefully we will be seeing a production line of Kendra’s work soon!

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