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20 Years of Punk Drunkers

Punk Drunkers have a killer retrospective showcasing over 20 years of art, fashion, illustration, design and toys at the PARCO Museum in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

Under the motto “Uncool is Cool”, this is the first major showing of the scope of the Punk Drunkers universe, packed full of surprises and humour at every turn.

From t-shirts and embroidered jackets, skateboards and kimonos, we move through to a comprehensive collection of PDS original sofubi toys and collabs, mirrored by original sketchbook drawings and a wall of illustrations. We are also treated to some exciting new pieces and collabs coming soon with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Devilrobots.

There’s an audio/visual piece thumping alongside original paintings and collab pieces with 20 artists putting their own unique spin on the “Aitsu” character.

We then enter a vast and colourful collection of sofubi toys with so many incredible pieces from a whole host of talented creators from around the world, beautifully presented and accompanied by the sounds of screeching cats.

Finally there’s a room with several large scale installations, especially for photo ops. There’s a room with tatami and lined with striking posters and a disco ball, character cutouts, a huge forced perspective piece and you can even get into bed with Aitsu himself.

There are also workshops and events happening (21st/ 22nd/ 28th/ 29th September) as well as the sale of a huge range of exclusive goods and toy drops. There are three lotteries running during the exhibitions.

Lottery 1: Aitsu Rider ¥10000 and Aitsu Fortune ¥1500 (+tax) (13-16th September)

Lottery 2: Mazinga Z ¥15000 and OuSan Finger Puppet ¥1500 (+tax) (17-23rd September)

Lottery 3: Aitsura ¥15000 and Kaitsu Kun and Keida Kun set ¥16000 (+tax) (24-30 September)

Look out for the 3 Mickey/Aitsu silhouettes hidden around the exhibition space to complete the challenge and receive a special sticker present.

PDS fans and toy fans alike will revel in this show. It was really interesting to learn more about the history of Punk Drunkers. It’s a bright and banging visual feast and it’s a joy to get lost in this unique and bizarre world Oyakata (Chikayoshi Satomi) has created.

The exhibition is ¥500 for admission (¥400 for students) and runs from 13th to 30th September in the PARCO museum on the 7th Floor of the PARCO department store in Ikebukuro.
Check out the complete itinerary of merch and toys for this special event HERE.


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  1. I have a few of the gachas I customed that I’m bringing to dcon. When Serganddestroy and I went to Tokyo in 2010, we got to see a peanuts exhibition at Parco. That place was awesome. Wish I could check this one out.

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