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Zard Apuya’s Mouth-Watering Burrito Dunny

Get your mouths ready!!!!!!!! This dunny is my Patronus, let’s just start by saying that. What is there not to like about Zard Apuya’s reimagining of the dunny into one of the best food choices of all time?  Zard’s work is usually centered around the blending of the toy world and food world.  His beautifully crafted customs show the creativity behind combining two distinct art forms.  From Ramen to Sweets and everything in between, Zard brings us bright colors, exquisite sculpts and no lack of creative vision.  (Did you see his Jurrasic Park Cup? DOPE)

BUT NOW, we have this glorious baby burrito.  You know the ones you get from Chipotle that are so perfectly wrapped in the shiny foil and are roughly the weight of a newborn child?  Don’t worry – with this burrito, guac is NOT extra.  Hah! Looks like Zard ordered Chicken, Steak (everyone knows just picking one protein is absurd), pinto beans, queso, and guac.  All of this is neatly packaged in the perfectly pocked and wrapped tortilla and perfectly nestled in the foil. I love this dunny, can you tell?

Zard Apuya Chipotle Dunny

This dunny is not the first of its kind, however.  In April of this year, he released a Chipotle Munny in a similar fashion.

Zard Apuya Chipotle Munny

If you’re interested in more of Zard Apuya’s work, check him out HERE on Instagram and HERE on Facebook.  This 7″ dunny is available HERE for $175 along with a ton of other EPIC creations.

…I wonder if Santa can order from the web…



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