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JMV ART x Art Toys PH Presents The Adventures Of Robocat: Online Custom Show

Art Toys PH going from strength to strength by growing their scene in the Philippines as well as making their mark internationally. unearthing local gems and upcoming rising stars. This month Joey Mariano of JMV ART linking up with Art Toys PH to present to you all The Adventures Of Robocat: Online Custom Show where a selected range of artists/noobs/designers/Graffiti artists/ tattoo artist/veterans of the PH scene make their mark on “JMV ART” Robocat. One platform that has a wonderful backstory of the making of Robocat which made us open our eyes wider. The show will feature over 20+ one of a kind customs from local artists all making their mark on Robocat. Hold on to your wallet and seats as JMV ART x Art Toys PH Presents The Adventures Of Robocat: Online Custom Show.

Featuring: Alyssa bartoline aka bartols – Studio shido – Ardie aquino – Badz palacio sculptures – Bon sundiang aka bakedbybonito – Bryan aka humbly  – Carlo aka wetworks – Daryl aka qwark – Dave bedia  – Dondi fernandez  – Ef  cruz – Gary rojas- Jed madella – Jerico canlas aka ekko – Jerwin villanueva  – Jheng dela cruz aka Twofrontteeth  – Jigzz pascua – Joey mariano aka JMV maker of robocat – Joseph Conde aka gutter creep – Joseph Jjawzip  – Juan luna II – Kaizer – Kenneth Olympia aka mantsa – Lee aller of lab monkeys – Lianne Lim aka the steffi – Mygi mesina aka master rocker  -Nemo aguilla aka Nemo  – Pauline Co aka pkimco  – Quatro ravalo Los banos aka quatrohapimeel – Robbie velez aka RCV248  – Romeo Olandez Diño III and Anthonette aka niakie.meow – San david -Shdw Mask – Allan Burdeos- and MORE.

Did you know?

Robocat is based on JMV’S wife, Veronica. She is an artist as well, she worked on the design of the original packaging and hand painting of the art toy. 

The V stands for Veronica. The cat design helmet and outfit is because of her adoration for cats, thus influenced the equipment she wears. 

DORAEMON is JMV’S favorite robot-cat character. Robo is always hungry and looking for nummies. Eating a lot does not affect her physique because of her high bionic metabolism. 

The headphones and boots are part of the outfit because they’re both into music and fashion. 

“Many years later, as she faced her last breath, Robocat was to remember that distant afternoon when her tragedy made her realize that justice is only for the rich.”

While browsing in a tech market, Veronica, a young gal, purchases a miniature luxury gadget, but is accosted by a cyborg outside who introduced himself as Pulisya without wearing a badge. Attempting to arrest Veronica from stealing, she resisted and got herself shot twice. In a society where women are objectified, she was then disposed to a place filled with low grade tech armor and machines. 

As Veronica opened her eyes for the first time, she realized she’s now a cyborg. Going through the process of remembering her previous conscious experience which is built within the suit, she now calls herself ROBOCAT. 

The cat-like armor feature grants her with the ability to conjure up gadgets and gear. With her transformation into “Robocat”, she travels to different parts of the city with a purpose to neutralize cyborgs of authority who abuse their power. 

Along with the various foreign places that she visits, she met other fellow Robocats who share similar stories, as they set out with the same purpose. She embarks on a journey across dimensions that has given her an opportunity to experience different aspects of life and beyond. ” – JMV ART

In random order we get to show you some work in progress shots of the customs as well as some finished pieces ready for the show.

Artist name: RCV / RCV248

Custom title: Mao.


Mao is an artistic robocat coming from a dimension where art is a form of currency. Problem is, her form of expression is outlaw in this society. She joins forces with fellow radicals that subverts the norm and challenges what is seen as “acceptable”. 

Thought process:

The type of art seen throughout mao’s outfit represents different types of street art and culture, from her jeepney sign inspired stickers down to her “Chuck Taylor” like shoes. The subtext of the custom speaks to how much traffic is going on in media, art and life in general, I want to show how these things can coexist despite seeming cluttered and messy. This artworks also serves as a homage to street art and stickers posted all over the metro. 


Sleek design ROBOCAT WIP by 老板 The Steffi

Awesome ROBOCAT design by the man himself JMV ART Figure!

Robocat WIP by Jerico Canlas aka EKO

Astronaut inspired design Robocat WIP by graphic artist/toy customizer MikoSwabe.

Full Metal Empire Allan Burdeos

Robocat WIP by graphic artist Eko aka @jerico canlas

AstroNeko by Jheng aka Two Front Teeth Visual Artist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

IG / FB:  iamtwofrontteeth

Robocat WIP by Tattoo artist San David

Zero inspired Robocat WIP design by Jimmy Bautista Jr of WUJI Toys .

The name is Reploid Wattz. It is based on Wickey and Zero from Megaman X Game.

Robocat WIP by toy customizer Jigzz Pascua

MekaNeko” Robocat WIP by Winvill Art Studio

Robocat WIP by Multimedia artist and comic creator Ardie Aquino. New to the toy-art community but a decade in creating comix. So, Ardie also made a 12 pager mini comix in line with the toy’s back story. Meet Kat The Robocat with BokBo

“Kat is a wandering Robocat. In her search for something to eat, she found a lone chicken. What could have been a scrumptious meal blossomed into a trusty companion. To which she named BokBok. This newly formed party of two went on their journey to many adventures. Little did they know, BokBok is carrying a little surprise of her own.”

Web: IG: chikidoodledoo FB: ardiechikiaquino

Robocat WIP by Niakie.Meow

ROBOCAT WIP by Hapimeel.

ROBOCAT WIP by Gutter Kreep

Robocat WIP by Bon Sundiang a.k.a. Bonito! Make Dough Not War

When Robocat was sent back to the year 1944(WW2) to deliver donuts and prevent superior officers from making a destructive drop, she was a bit late and ended up hanging on a little green bomb a few seconds before hitting the town below.

Hand sculpted and hand painted modifications.

Approx. 12”H x 6”W with detachable magnetic bomb and head.

IG & FB accounts: @bakedbybonito

Han Solo frozen inspired design Robocat WIP by The Art of Dondi Fernandez

COCO inspired ROBOCAT design by Master Rocker Customs aka Mygi Mesin.

“This custom is Basically inspired from Disney Pixar’s Movie Coco blending up Miguel Rivera as a Skeleton and Spirit Guide or Alebrijes.

To those who haven’t seen the movie, Coco is a movie that has Mexican art culture where they showed the land of the dead so colourful, Mygi was inspired to try doing it on a Robocat figure and Mygi believes it turns out well, putting the colours all together made Mygi feel so happy. 

“INTEGRATE” by ResinworX CustomLab.

Super fluffy Robocat WIP by pkimco

Damon the Nomad by Mantsa. This is a one-off custom art toy in collaboration with JMV ART Figure

ROBOCAT WIP by Graffiti artist Nemo Aguila.

Digital media and visual artist, Qwark

Cup noodle concept design by eF Toys very own Ef D Cruz!  “Cat Noodle” inspired by the all-time favourite cup noodle.

Robocat WIP by Joseph Jjawzip Ingking.

Robocat WIP by Bartols aka Alyssa Bartoline

Robocat WIP by Badz Sculptures

ROBOCAT WIP by @Dave Bedia

Rebel Pilot inspired design by Lab Monkeys!

ROBOCAT work in progress by The Art of Ramona (ramona dela cruz-gaston)

 Tekno Neko by Collective based in Philippines Shadowmask

Raised in a near dystopian future, Tekno Neko, struggled and managed to survive a slowly dying world wherein the only way to get along and defeat your enemies is to evolve. 

In this world full of anger and conflict, I will live, I  will be born again and I will consume all the filth in this land.  -Tekno Neko

Medium: Robocat figure, hand painted using acrylic and GID paint.

IG: shadowmask2020
FB: shdw.mask

What a wide range of customs right? We can’t wait to show you all the full reveals stay tuned for that over the next 24 hours.

WHEN: January 28th 2020

WHERE: Access the bidding visit and Below is the event guidelines on how you can own one of these customs. To schedule for a private viewing, send an email at [email protected] or simply send them a private message via Facebook.

Bidding and Shipping Guidelines:

1. Strictly no joybidding and joybuying.

2. Deleting/Editing of bid is not allowed.

3. All sales are final. No return & no exchange.

4. Bids have to be made by a person representing himself/herself.

5. No unnecessary comments and tagging on photos. You may tag people on the album’s comment section.

6. Only comment respective bidding price on the specific photo’s comment section(not on album).

7. Sending of private messages to the artists regarding the auction/sale will result in a disqualification of that person’s bid.

8. Payment should be completed within 48 hours of winning the auction.

9. Shipping fee is not yet included. Shipping will be shouldered by buyer.

10. Failure to follow these rules will permit a ban on the page and group.

Note: To find the current bid, kindly click “newest” on upper left part of comment section to view the latest comments.

Happy bidding!

To schedule for a private viewing, send Art Toys PH an email at 

For further details visit

A special thank you to Robbie velez aka RCV248 and the team at Art Toys PH

(all info and details lifted curtesy of Art Toys PH )

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