Well, we think it’s time to update our About The Toy Chronicle page. When we started in October 2013 we never in our wildest imagination expected to be where we are almost four years later.

The Toy Chronicle are TWO-TIME Designer Toy Award Winners for Best Blog. Let that sink in for a second. TWO-TIME! Winning in 2015 could be classed as the underdog fluke, but we followed it up with a second win at the inaugural 2017 Five Points Festival in NYC! Pretty neat, right?!

TTC is a completely different beast to what it was in 2013. We are no longer six members, that didn’t last long, to be honest. TTC takes a LOT of commitment & time. It takes a special breed of Designer Toy fan to keep up with blogging on a daily basis. Thankfully we have Andy & Pedro. Behind the scenes, we have The TTC Beard too. The team is joined by contributors Czee (bless up) and Lumino The East Coast Correspondent – who deals with most of our LIVE Facebook Streaming (which you can find HERE).

We still do what we set out to do in 2013 – finding new artists to showcase to you guys, interviewing artists that we think you’ll enjoy hearing about and also capturing daily news on new Designer Toy releases – whether that’s vinyl, resin, plush etc.

If you’re interested in submitting your art, please email us at [email protected] and PLEASE PLEASE include as much detail as possible. Prices, Pictures, Release Date, Edition Size etc.

We are The Toy Chronicle. Your TWO-TIME DTA Best Blog Winner!

Andy, Gary, Pedro, Czee, Lumino




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  1. Hi there just seen the massive news the huck gee jpk and frank kozik will be at toycon. Just curious will they be doodling figures and or signing there own toys? Many thanks

    • sorry sir this was actually April fools Joke but JPK will be here and Sneaky Racoon and many others… sorry if this caused offence.

  2. I have a client in the NFL who is packaging a Cartoon Network show as well as releasing a plethora of childrens animated books and films over the next 2 years and he wants to partner with your company to make his characters come to life. Please let me know the best point of contact to email regarding this. Thank you for your time.


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