Todd L Toys Lights One Up for 420!

Well, he lights up five actually. Todd L has been busy in the run up to 420, and now he’s winning to puff, puff, pass it on to you! Kind chap! Todd has created five unique custom 3inch Kidrobot Dunny series, all with a 420 twist. Découpaged with real leaves, real papers and real craftsmanship, you can now get your hands on these custom art pieces over on the Corner12 store HERE. Each Dunny is priced at $99/£77. There are five different flavours available, which you can find below. Each has its own individual link to its purchase page too.

Strawberry Showgirl. Grab your death certificate. This one’s for you. If you can pick up the blatant reference then you’ll love this one even more.
Pineapple Impressed. This expressive Dunny will leaf you breathless. Horrible right? Pineapple flavoured papers with a Lake of Fire Leaf.
Cherrie Bobbie. A Dunny made of bud named after maybe the first woman todd L ever loved.
Mango Winnebago. It rhymed sort of. So it seems to work, ok? Get in the van and buy the jar exclusively here at C12!
Blueberry Chill. It just sounds cool… Ok, how ’bout this? I found my chill, with a Dunny from todd L.

Todd L Toys can be found on FacebookInstagram and his website too – go check him out!

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