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    A long time ago in a KR forum far, far away...
    A user posted an image of a toy with green Jell-O for a head,
    Years have passed and the journey continues,
    TTC Forum, you’re my only hope.

    Back in the KR Forum days a user posted a photo of some toys chillin’ on a beach – there was a Dave Kinsey bust along with some other goodies. One of those toys was of a man with a clear transparent Jell-O over his head and I fell in the love with the figure…problem is fast forward to now and I can’t remember the name of the artist or the toy!

    I’d say the figure was probably about 6″ and either vinyl or resin (my guess is the head was definitely resin), I’m not sure if the artist was well known or not, either. (sorry!) I know it’s not Christopher Lee’s Mellow – although an awesome toy!

    If anyone remembers any toys matching the above description or can help with the search, I’d really appreciate it!

    Rewards will be given if I find the myserious 🍮 man!

    TL;DR – Looking for a toy of a man with his head encased in green Jell-O, any ideas?


    Micah young

    Lol I’ve never seen this before!! But I’ll keep a lookout. I’m sure it’s not hard to spot lol

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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