Here’s my two cents (pardon the deluge of French but), FUCK THE BOTS! It’s one thing that they already invade concert ticket sales to every show in existence, but when they also jump onto the toy/sneakerhead/whatever scene, it’s just absolutely deplorable. Kaws is a prolific and talented artist, and for him to call out the bots is fucking awesome! I’ve also noticed Martian and Tenacious calling out these flippers and I applaud every effort they make to mitigate and catch these sneaky fuckers for gaming the system. This is an incredibly niche community already, and to “make it” as a designer toy artist is incredibly rare. Their art sells for a high price already (deservedly so), but for these bottom-feeder flippers to take advantage of the people who really love and admire the art is just criminal! I’m really glad that they are on our side in this fight and trying to catch these parasites.