I’ll start us off with what Im most familiar with, resin casting! So lets discuss ways to reduce waste or utilize more eco-friendly solutions. Ive got to be honest, I try and use as limited disposable crap as I can, but for the most part it’s because they cost money not because Im a fantastic person. My bottom line yo! Im talking plastic cups, wooden stir sticks that get coated in resin, gloves, paper towels etc,

Ive found a couple better options that I can share here!
Silicone cups. They’re not perfect but its a way better option than just tossing a plastic cup in the garbage every few uses.
Silicone Cups!
Silicone Stir Sticks and I don’t trust those brushes but I’ll give them a shot I suppose.
Stir Sticks and Brushes

Ive yet to find a good option for gloves or towels, once they get resin on them I haven’t found a way to clean them so if anyone has ideas I’m down.

I also keep cured extra resin from the bottom of cups, clipped bits of sprues, off casts and any silicone in extra buckets on my work table. Just chop them up and throw them back in things. Reusing things for the win! Also not spending more money for the win!

Also I want to have like three bins in the work space so you can separate garbage right then and there. We should check if the resin we use is recyclable! Is it? I have no idea. I’m gonna check right now. I couldn’t find the info. I’m gonna get back to you.

I know this is like two things and its not super impressive but let’s add to the list, let’s get more tips and tricks and ideas and thoughts and feelings and hopefully… cake.