RED GODJRA By Chino Lam at 432hz

CAN YOU FEEL THE HEAT and RAGE? Can you feel the Tremors?! The rebirth is HERE! Hong Kong’s Chino Lam is about to unleash the RED GODJRA! HEading in the direction of Causeway Bay 432hz store exclusively! 432Hz and Chino Lam reunite for this special project which sees GODJRA take on red eyes which are full of anger, and the chest with orange-red colour that represents the state of high raging temperature. The position of the upper dorsal fin is deliberately added through the light transmission effect of the craftsmen’s skill, which can be said to faithfully present the unique sparkling burning state of the “RED GODJRA” Kaiju! Godzilla ain’t no match for RED GODJRA.

In addition to the RED GODJRA was inspired by the scene of breaking into Hong Kong waters in a classic Japanese special film and specially designed a homage which sees RED GODJRA have a special accessory with this edition. The seafood boat is just suitable to stomach? HA. Check out the packaging too! the design refers to the setting of the origin story, and the lava texture is used with special raging red eyes and Japanese markings are combined with different elements, the overall feeling is exactly the same as that of the classic movie posters which were made in order to evoke the childhood memories of collectors.

From the mastermind, Chino Lam, comes this little terror, GODJRA! a reincarnation of JIRO which is causing destruction on the way 432hz./

* In view of the limited number of shelves in the RED.GODJRA by CHINO LAM special project, for fairness, 432hz will sell this limited work by lottery. Please refer to the following before participating in the sale on September 11th 2021 Rules:

(1) 432hz will sell-by lottery for the sake of fairness.
(2) The maximum number of participants in the lottery for this sale is 300, and each person can only register for one time.
(3) The staff will distribute the lottery card numbers at 12:00 on the same day and register the participants.
(4) Participants need to answer relevant questions from the staff to receive the lottery card number.
(5) Please follow the instructions of the staff to wait in line, and it is strictly forbidden to jump in the queue, hit the top and disrupt the order to participate in the lottery.
(6) Due to the course of the epidemic, it is necessary to wear a mask and keep a proper distance when queuing to receive the lottery card number.
(7) The lottery process will be conducted at 15:00 on the same day. The winning result will be posted in the store and will be announced on the official Instagram and Facebook pages of 432Hz at the same time.
(8) Winners must go to the 432Hz Causeway Bay store (G/F, No. 5 Pak Sha Road / 11:00-21:00) to purchase on September 11 or 12.
(9) If the winner fails to purchase within the specified time, it will be deemed to have automatically given up the right to purchase.
(10) This product is non-refundable, non-returnable, and non-refundable.

(11) In case of any dispute, 432Hz reserves the right of final decision.

PRICE: HKD $1,380

SIZE: H170 mm

WHERE: 432hz CWB
5, Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Visit 432hz Facebook page HERE for full release schematics.

銅鑼灣店獨佔登場! RED.GODJRA by CHINO LAM 特別企劃] 鐵定 9 月 11 日(星期六)正式於選物店 432Hz 銅鑼灣新店隆重登場的: 紅·哥J拉(RED.GODJRA)特別企劃,不但特別透過著名藝術家 CHINO LAM 代表作品: JIRO(次郎)作為原型設定,並用上經典的黑紅色調配搭作招徠,同時更請來專業職人工匠為每隻作品人手還原粗獷的皮膚紋路,完完全全將經典「紅蓮」怪獸的真實細節完美呈現。至於這枚即將於 432Hz 銅鑼灣店獨佔登場的 ART TOYS 作品,其雙眼部位更換上跟充滿兇惡氛圍的紅色眼睛,並將魚身胸口位置塗上代表著高溫暴走狀態下的橙紅色彩,再加上背鰭位置特意透過職人們巧手技藝所追加的透光效果,可謂忠實呈現出「紅蓮」怪獸獨有的閃耀燃燒狀態。

除了 ART TOYS 的本體設定極具心思之外,CHINO LAM 在創作是次企劃時,更從日本經典特攝電影中闖入香港海域大肆破壞的一幕得到啟發,特別設計出一個極具代表性的特殊配件:海鮮舫,其體積大小剛好適合 紅·哥J拉(RED.GODJRA)一口咬著,當中不但寓意了電影中的經典情節,亦為此 ART TOYS 增添多一份可玩趣味,並同時展現出 CHINO LAM 極度細緻與搞鬼創新的設計風格。最後值得一提的是,今回企劃的紙盒包裝亦費盡心思,首先外觀設計方面參考了起源故事的設定,統一用上熔岩紋路為號召,而當中更糅合其特殊可怕的紅色眼睛、日文標記等不同元素,整體感覺跟當年的經典電影海報如出一轍,藉以勾起各位收藏家的童年回憶,如此精心設計絕對是所有 CHINO LAM 支持者以及 ART TOYS 收藏家必入手的作品。

* 鑒於是次 RED.GODJRA by CHINO LAM 特別企劃上架數量有限,為公平起見我們將通過抽籤形式發售這枚限量作品,煩請所有支持者於 9 月 11 日參與開賣活動前,先參閲以下細則:


(2)是次發售活動抽籤參加者上限為 300 人,每人只限登記參加 1 次。

(3)工作人員將於當日 12:00 派發抽籤卡號,並為參加者進行登記。




(7)抽選程序將於當日 15:00 進行,中籤結果將於店內貼出,並同時於 432Hz 官方 Instagram 及 Facebook 專頁公布。

(8)中籤者需於 9 月 11 或 12 日親身前往 432Hz 銅鑼灣門市(白沙道 5 號地舖 / 11:00-21:00)購買。



(11)如有任何爭議 432Hz 將保留最終決定權。

PRICE:HKD $1,380

SIZE:H170 mm


5, Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong for further info.

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