This section is where we will select an artist each month to showcase. We will conduct an interview along with showcasing past work and future projects of artists. We even aim to potentially feature our and your favorite shop owners..since everyone deserves shine for their hard work. Each Feature of the Month will come on the first Monday of the month at 10 am EST. So mark your calendar for a new interview every month.


December: 64 Colors


January: Huck Gee

January: Lunartik

February: Frank Kozik

February: Scott Tolleson

March: Maxx242

March: Bubi Au Yeung

April: UNKL

April: Nathan Hamill

May: Gary Ham


June: VISEone

June: Valleydweller

July: Luke Chueh

July: Sketchbot

August: THARP

August: Jeremy “MAD” Madl 

September: The Super Sucklord

September: Abe Lincoln Jr.

October: Toy Break/October Toys

October: Scribe 

November: Chris Gliebe

December: Sket One

December: Jon Chase


January: Cavey/A Little Stranger

February: Nerviswr3k

February: Mr. Shane Jessup

February EXTRA: Frank Kozik on the ‘Gipper’ Bust

March: Shawn “Shawnimal” Smith

March: Quisp

April: J*Ryu

August: Squid Kids Ink


February: Shadoe Delgado

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