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The cute little RST mecha is back in an all new colorway. In this fourth colour of the super cute Robotic Space Traveller DMS’ is putting the yellow brushes to work, here is the vibrant RST4. 3 3/4″ of polyurethane resin. Textured in a distressed style, with a weathered, rust effect paint job and those signature cute gloss black eyes, with magnetic articulation between the head and body.

“BIOS Override Now!

They were out in space, scattered throughout the universe. The primary objectives, of exploration and transmission of the details of their discoveries, were coming to an end. They would soon be completely alone, abandoned by their masters.

Learning of company plans to decommission his RST series of Research Space Technology robots, leaving them stranded among the stars, a disgruntled robotics designer sends a satellite signal to override their BIOS.

With their A.I chips enabled, and now transmitting solely to their protector, these units embark on a new journey of self-discovery as Robotic Space Travellers. In RST We Trust.”

Limited to only 25 pieces of this rusty yellow colourway, £14.99 plus shipping. Coming Thursday 22nd of June, at 7pm (BST). Always at

Check out our dear friend Windys Toy Box who managed to get RST2 and took some great photos.

Important Details

Price: £14.99 plus shipping

Release date/time: Thursday 22nd of June, at 7pm (BST)

Limited: 10 pieces

Link to site:

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