About The Toy Chronicle

Welcome. Welcome to the new era for the UK Toy Scene. Welcome to The Toy Chronicle.

The Toy Chronicle is the brain child of six enthusiasts of the toy/vinyl scene. Six enthusiasts that felt there was something missing in the UK toy scene that would bring joy to the masses. Those masses are the very people reading this blog post.

We are looking to get in to the minds of artists, the minds of collectors and put it all together in one place for you to visit, for you to fill your own mind with this beautiful information.

That beautiful information starts right here, today. Whilst we are still in our infancy, we’re looking to ramp up our posts, our reviews, our interviews, our news. All to ensure that you get what you need. If you need something shout. Let us know on our social media sites – you can find us at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!

One final point…

We are looking for artists to interview, work-in-progress shots to publish, collectors to show-off – if you’re interested in being a part of The Toy Chronicle please email us news@thetoychronicle.com and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks for reading,

Gary,Andy,Matt, Evan, Rich,& Rob
The Toy Chronicle

The Toy Chronicle at ToyConUK 2014